What is a water filter?

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March 1, 2017
Benefits of having a water filter
March 4, 2017

What is a water filter?

97% of world’s water is salty and is considered undrinkable. Unfortunately, water is needed in order to maintain physiologic functions of the body. 75% of the human brain is composed of water. As for other organisms, 75% of a living tree is water. Considering all these numbers, it is important to have clean water for life to thrive.

One of the things that is used in both residential and industrial settings is a water filter. A water filter can help provide clean water that is safe for human consumption. By definition, water filter removes impurities from water either by physical process or by biological process.

Residential use

Water filters have different practical uses. It can be used to make your drinking water safe to drink. It can help eliminate bacteria and other toxic material from your drinking water. Considering the cost of water filter and bottled water, it is practical to make use of water filter at home. According to experts, it costs as low as $0.10 to fill a gallon of filtered water. That’s 8 times cheaper than buying your bottled water for your personal use. You can have under the counter systems or if you’re limited with space, consider a countertop reverse osmosis unit.


Desalination is also another application of water filters. Water filters are used to get rid of salt especially when all you have is salt water. Using reverse osmosis, it is possible to remove salt and other impurities found in water.

Agriculture use

Another practical application of water filters is in agriculture. According to agriculture experts, high level of salt and other contaminants in the soil is responsible for failed crops and reduced output. One of the simplest solution is to make use of an agriculture grade water filter system to improve their crops.


Another important application of water filter is to make sure that the swimming pool that we use at home is safe. This helps people to swim with peace of mind.

For survival

Water can be a bit difficult especially if you are outdoors. It can be a bit stressful  to bring days’ worth of water supply especially if you are going to hike for days. A simple alternative is to have a water filter that can eliminate bacteria and protozoa from the available water supply outdoors. There are new portable water filters that are made available for outdoor enthusiasts.

However, it is important to note that there are some limitations to the water filter. It is important to note that water filters shouldn’t be confused with devices that can deal with viruses.

Maintenance of ponds

In order for fishes to survive, it is important to get rid of impurities coming from feces and other materials that can raise the level of ammonia in a pond or in an aquarium.  Water filters help reduce the instances of fishes dying.

Water filters differ in sizes and shapes. However, it performs one function and that is to remove filtrates from water in order to be used for its specific purpose. Whether it is for agriculture or for personal use in your home, water filters play a crucial role in today’s life.