Water Filter FAQs
March 1, 2017


There are different types of water filter that are now available in the market. Each water filter has its own strength and weaknesses. Here are some of the water filters that you can choose from.

Activated Carbon Filter

Also known as pre-filters, these types of filter are responsible for taking out large particles that are stuck in your water supply. It is typically used in faucets. It attracts the particles and then passes through an activated carbon filter to make sure that there is no foul smell by the end. This helps get rid of the unwanted smell of chlorine even if you don’t air your water out.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

To understand reverse osmosis, it is important to have an idea on what osmosis is. It is the process wherein a less saline solution goes into an environment with a much higher saline concentration. Now that we have an idea on what osmosis is, reverse osmosis is the complete opposite. That means it can remove different impurities found in water.

What is needed is a semi-permeable membrane, not to mention there should be pressure to push the liquid. It has many practical applications including desalination plants and even in agricultural settings.

Alkaline/Water Ionizer

A lot of times, people are very particular about the pH level of the water that they take. It has been known that softer water is good for the health specifically to your skin. These filters make use of the concept of electrolysis. Water passes electrically charged plate which separates into two streams; one is acidic while the other is basic. There are even proponents that claim about the cancer prevention benefits of ionized water. And of course, it also helps improve the taste of water.

UV Filters

The conventional type of water filter can help reduce the number of bacteria present in water. However, it is possible that it can’t take care of all microorganisms including viruses. UV Filters are among the newest technologies applied in water filtration.

Its concept is to make use of ultraviolet radiation to your water in order to kill bacteria and other types of microorganisms that could be found in the water you drink. This type of water filter is becoming popular due to the fact that it doesn’t need any type of chemical and additional heat in order to give the desired result to your drinking water.

Infrared Filter

Another water filter that is being used in order to treat hard water is an infrared filter. It functions the same as an alkaline filter. It makes use of heat and light in order to put a negative charge on water.

Portable filter

A lot of people going outdoors is facing a dilemma especially if they are going to hike for a number of days. Finding drinking water is the biggest challenge that you have to deal with. Could you imagine carrying gallons of water in addition to your food? That’s where portable water filters come into play. What it does is give you safe drinking water outdoors.

Three step water purifiers

There are products that make use of different stages of water purification. For instance, the first step involves sediment filtration. Here, majority of the large particles are filtered by the sediment filter. Pleated polyster is a great option for this stage though it has limited capacity.

The next stage is the kinetic degradation fluxion filter. Though chlorine is an essential part of making water drinkable, it can be a bit irritating to people’s nose. In this stage, chlorine is transformed into chloride which helps remove majority of the smell in your water.

And third, you have the activated carbon filter which attracts positively charged contaminants and helps get rid of the smell of the water.