How to remineralize RO Water

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How to remineralize RO Water

How to remineralize Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water

If you don’t have enough reasons yet to accept the fact that life can sometimes be so funny and full of surprise, then you need to consider the unquestionable answer to the following questions. Why should we lose some of the vital nutrients in vegetables while trying to blanch it thoroughly? Why should some “innocent” body cells be killed in the course of a radiation therapy for cancer? The answer is not far-fetched; sometimes, it is possible to lose in pound while trying to gain in penny.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a very effective means of eradicating contaminants and microorganisms in drinking water. As good as this method is, it is also responsible for eliminating from our drinking water, the essential minerals that are needed for sound health. Studies have shown that remineralization is an important process to carry out after Reverse Osmosis in order to regain the lost minerals such as calcium and magnesium. One of the interesting things you will benefit today after reading through this brief write-up is how to fully and conveniently regain “the lost pound” in addition to the existing “penny”. Isn’t that fascinating? But before we fully go into how to remineralize RO water, let us quickly look at the benefits of the remineralizing process.


how to remineralize ro water


Advantages of remineralizing RO water

The World Health Organization (WHO) has laid emphasis on the importance of intake of minerals like calcium and magnesium in drinking water. But there are more advantages to be derived from demineralization of RO water. Some of them are briefly discussed below.

  • Improved taste: Of what benefit is drinking water when it can’t be enjoyed? Human palate is accustomed to mineral containing water because it tastes better than demineralized water. Therefore, remineralizing water before drinking makes it more pleasant to drink.
  • Faster absorption: Studies have shown that there is faster absorption of water in the body tissues and cells when the water is mineralized. This helps to ensure hitch free metabolism and sound health.
  • Optimum water pH: Remineralization of drinking water helps to adjust the pH of the water to a safe alkaline range which is the best for absorption.
  • Better quenching of taste: Remineralized water helps to quench taste faster and more effectively when compared with demineralized water.

Best methods of remineralizing RO water

Now that we know the importance of remineralizing RO water, let us consider the effective ways through which the process can be achieved. If we are to holistically consider the rate at which we require potable water and the economics of getting it, you will realize that the question goes beyond just how to remineralize RO water but rather, it extends to the effective methods in the face of economic realities. Adopting any of the following methods will ensure you achieve remineralization of water efficiently.

  • Utilizing Remineralizing Cartridge: incorporating this component into your RO system can be highly effective in supplying back the minerals lost in RO process. It is highly effective in supplying minerals through calcium and magnesium compounds. It also help to improve the pH of the water. By using this method, the problem of how to remineralize RO water is solved automatically.
  • Use of Mineral Drops or Tablets: This is a commonly used method of remineralizing water. There are various commercially available drops or tablets containing essential minerals such as iodine, magnesium, iron and so on. This method is relatively cheap and readily available.
  • Use of Pascalite Clay: If you have ever come across people in the United States talking about “The Mud that Heals”, this is what they mean. Pascalite clay is an amazing variety of clay gotten from Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains in the United States. Using it as remineralizing additive is highly effective because it doesn’t affect the taste of water. This is another readily available means of eliminating the worry of how to remineralize RO water.
  • Utilizing Alkaline Pitcher: If you don’t mind spending some tens of dollars for effectively and conveniently remineralizing your RO water, this method is an excellent option to consider. It enhances RO water by improving the pH and simultaneously adding essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. The alkaline pitcher lasts long enough to justify its price and it is also very convenient to use.

In conclusion, the harm that accompanies the purification of drinking water via RO has been discussed. The advantages of remineralizing RO water and the various viable techniques of remineralizing RO water have been pointed out. Generally, whatever method you decide to adopt will ultimately be determined by your budget and the minerals you intend to fix. So we hope you understand better why and how to remineralize ro water at home.