Ever Wondered Is Reverse Osmosis Water Alkaline?

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Ever Wondered Is Reverse Osmosis Water Alkaline?

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Alkaline?

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Alkaline?

We bathe in it, we cook with it, we wash our clothes in it, use it to brush our teeth and we also drink it.

Water as one of the most important commodities on this planet.  People becoming more health conscious are grabbing every opportunity, to get hold of the best water for their consumption. Below we have stated the facts that you should know about what is reverse osmosis water alkaline?

Facts About Reverse Osmosis

The question “is reverse osmosis water alkaline?” is a frequent question to people who only want the best drinking water in their homes and offices.

1. Reverse Osmosis is a process of removing all the contents of water, such as ions, minerals and all e particles to micron size of 0.0001. The process involved hydraulic pressure to press the water into the system, remaining 99% of all the contents in it. This process brings out an almost pure result.

2.While, in alkaline water, the contents remain intact. All the minerals in it are still there, making it viable drinking water. As we all know, we need these nutrients and minerals to maintain a healthy life and we cannot get all of these from our diet alone. And when we are deficient in it, we can have a supplement from our alkaline water. The minerals present in our alkaline water is also helpful in keeping us hydrated all the time.

The Processes Of RO

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Alkaline? Let’s get into the process.

1. Reverse Osmosis

● Requires electricity to power its hydraulic system, which put pressure on the process of producing pure water.
● The equipment is bigger enough to occupy a big space in your kitchen.
● It is more expensive to operate
● It is more complicated to set-up
● Completely removes the minerals and every content of the water.
● It is a waste of water. For an output of 20 liters of water, around 80 liters have been wasted.
● RO water when getting contact with air will turn into a more acidic state.

2. Alkaline

● The process does not require any electricity to treat water.
● It uses a countertop filtering system, which is easier to set-up at a minimal cost.
● The process does not in any way remove the mineral content of the water, which makes it more viable for human consumption.
● Unlike the RO process, alkaline does not result to waste in the water.
● The alkaline filter is not as big as RO. It is very easy to set-up. The set-up requires a very minimal amount of money.
● Alkaline water has an acceptable PH level, that is feasible to human consumption.

What Causes Ro Water To Become More Acidic?

Carbon contents of the air can turn every liquid or body of water into acidic. It is the Co2 in the air when absorbed by water, will result in it to become more acidic. And pure water like RO water will absorb more carbon from the air, which will result in it, becoming acidic.

The Benefits Of Alkaline Water

● Its antioxidant property helps us get rid of free radicals, that may cause damage to our cells.
● Its small in size allows hydrating our body easily.
● It has a large number of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which are essential for our health.
● Increases the presence of dissolved oxygen in our blood.
● It has a detoxifying effect on our body, which is essential to clean our intestine of unwanted waste.
● It increases energy which in turn contributes to mental alertness and clarity.
● Helps to reduced weight by putting excess fats to a less critical area of the body.

Stages In The Ro Process

Most if not all RO system has all these components: water inlet, filters, pressurized tank, drain, flow control valve, check valve and an outlet. Here are the stages in an RO water system:

Stage 1. A valve is fitted to the waterline in your homes and is directly connected to the reverse osmosis system. This stage is the pre-filtering stage, which is design to remove solid materials and dirt from water.

Stage 2 and 3.
It is in these stages that the real RO process starts. The reverse osmosis membrane and carbon filters play a big role in these processes. It is in these 2 stages that chlorine is removed from the water. Filtering in 2 stages will assure you that the water is already free of chlorine and any component that will affect its color is also removed. After water passed these 2 stages, water is already clear and pure.

Stage 4. In this stage, the membrane removes other particles that are present in the water, such as lead, fluoride, and chromium.

Stage 5. Here in this stage, the process is called post filtration. It filters the water for any unwanted particles which accumulated in the tank. In other RO systems, there is a process called remineralization, which allows the system to replaces those minerals which were removed during the whole process. The result is water that is more fit for human consumption.

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Alkaline?

1. The process of reverse osmosis eliminates all the elements of water, including the nutrients and minerals present in it.

2. It causes water to become more acidic.

3. The RO water needs to undergo mineralization process to regain its natural state.

What Makes Alkaline Water Most Demand And More Popular In The World?

● It is healthier for long term consumption. When the minerals and the nutrients are retained in the water, it is more fit for consumption.
● It is cheaper to produce. Production cost is cheaper, because, the process does not require electricity.
● It tastes better than RO water. The taste of water is tastier than the RO water.

Alkaline water is the best water for human consumption. It is complete with the essential minerals that can supplement our needs, which we cannot completely get from the food we eat. It is only possible to reverse RO water into alkaline water by the process of mineralization or alkalization.

Let us enjoy the water that is provided by us free from nature. Let us not waste this important element of our subsistence. Save water and enjoy more of life.