Best Reverse Osmosis System Reviews

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March 5, 2017
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Best Reverse Osmosis System Reviews

iSpring RCC7

Best Reverse Osmosis System Reviews And Buying Guide 2019

The availability of purified water is probably the next big necessity for human after oxygen. The contaminated water causes several harmful diseases because of the presence of different types of germs and bacteria in the water. The best approach is to have a water purification system at homes which will allow you with clean drinking water without any hassle. The reverse osmosis technique removes the inorganic hazardous solids from the water to make it pure. The best reverse osmosis system will do the job seamlessly to serve you extremely well over the years.


What to consider ?

  • Filter Effectiveness – The effectiveness of filtering needs to be pivotal as it anchors the water purification process. The pre filters used can be more than one and are usually the sediment filters. They perform the role of removing dust and all other types of impurities. The post filters removes any further impurities and odor from the water. The best reverse osmosis system comes with the best filter design.
  • Ease of use and maintenance – The systems are made to last for a long time. This is only possible if you are good with the maintenance of the system. The filters have a certain life and must be changed as soon as they demand. The RO membrane cleaning is desirable to maintain the effectiveness. The ease of use is in its easy installation and convenient placement ideally under the sink, if the size allows.
  • Features – The features of the reverse osmosis system actually tell about its usability and productivity. These can be different for different products, but for a few major features, you cannot compromise at all. You must check about its number of filtration stages, flow rate, taste, quality of filters, the level of purity and possible certifications from authoritative water purification bodies.
  • Price – The price varies considerably for the products which primarily depend on the quality of the product and the brand name. It is advised for the consumers to go with the brand name even if they are asking for a higher price. As an estimate, you can expect to spend about $200 to $300+ for a reverse osmosis system.


Top 6 best reverse osmosis systems reviews

1. Home master TMAFC

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The system is found to be one of the best in the fraternity with most number of clients using it. It might be an expensive option as compared with the other products but it has got the potential to serve you seamlessly with pure drinking water. It has a 7 stage filtration system which ensures that the water that reaches you is 98 percent free from the impurities. Independent third party testing showed that the claim made by the manufacturer is totally right which is the best level you can ever get with any other similar product. The filters just need to be replaced once every year at the most. Installing the equipment is simple and as good as a DIY thing with no need to hire a professional plumber. The innovative design of the system has made things easier so you can have it fixed under the sink without any trouble. The system does a great job in improving the taste of the water by adding the right minerals in the right quantities. There is no element of any unwanted odor when you receive the purified water from the other side of the system.

The Good:

Innovative design resolves many design related issues with traditional RO systems. 7 stages filtration provides highly pure water. It frees water from 98 percent hazardous chemicals. The system works as a taste enhance too by adding minerals.The flow rate is twice as fast as the traditional models.

The Bad:

The equipment doesn’t work well on the destruction of micro-organisms. It doesn’t remove iron from water. The installation is not hassle free at all. The top of the tank has some water leakage issues which deteriorates its quality of standard. The pH removal level is a bit of disappointment.

2. APEC Top Tier water systems

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The APEC Water Systems is a top level brand in producing authentic US made RO systems. The taste of the purified water is crispier and better than any other bottled drinking water. It has the 5-stage filtration system to get the water free from 99 percent of the impurities such as chlorine, arsenic, virus, fluoride, bacteria, lead, heavy metals and thousands of other contaminants. This excellent job is done with the help of the high grade filters which comes with NSF certification. This is a crucial factor to consider which guarantees your health with extreme water safety. The filters have super capacity which serves twice as long as compared to the other alternative products. The ease of using the product is also there with its JG Quick Connect fittings which demands no extra lock clips for sealing the leak. The lead free chrome faucet that comes with the system is FDA approved for providing safe and contamination-free water. There is 1 year satisfaction warranty offered as well with the product. Moreover, life time free support is offered by the WQA specialists of the water systems which will make all your RO system’s related troubles quite easy to handle.

The good:

The good taste of the purified water is its strongest point. It offers 5-stage high grade water purification. The product is endorsed by the certification of NSF and WQA gold seal. It is relatively easier to install. The product guarantees to free water from 99 percent contamination. You get a year long warranty with lifetime support WQA specialists.

The bad:

The size is too large to fit easily under the majority of sinks. The system takes a couple of days to produce purified drinkable water due to excess carbon from the new filters. The system doesn’t deliver the stated output of 90 gallons a day. There are issues with quick pressure rate drop. The water produced is given at room temperature even if the tap is giving cold water.

3. iSpring RCC7

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The iSpring RO system has got thousands of satisfied customers from all over the places. All have a lot of excellent things to say about the product with not much of considerable limitations. It is a high capacity system which is capable of purifying 75 gallons of water per day at a very quick flow rate. The faster flow rate is possible because of its large size membrane. The immense designing of the product has helped by making sure that very little water is lost during the filtration process and there is also not much issue with the filter carbon. The excellent quality is obtained with the usage of all the components having NSF certification and also the component factory is ISO certified. This made it easy for the manufacturer to offer 1 month money back guarantee and 1 year satisfaction guarantee over the product. The manufacturer also offers customers with lifetime free technical support about the product over their customers’ help line. So, there wouldn’t be any big issue which couldn’t be solved with the immense technical support of the manufacturer. If you like all the positive quality features about the product then just go for it without having any second thoughts.

The Good:

This reverse osmosis rejects about 99 percent of impurities. Tank filling is faster with 75 GPD. It works as a water taste enhance too. All the parts used are certified by NSF. 30 days money back guarantee is given too.

The bad:

Separate alkaline filter is a must to get all the much needed minerals back in water. The hook for the red line leading into the faucet is not very secure. The ASO valve is faulty and constantly drains. Installation requires expertise of a plumber. The water wastage is a lot more than stated.

4.APEC 5-stage RO system

It is a 100 percent USA made RO system which speaks for itself in terms of performance and quality. The product guarantees full water safety and health of the water drinker. The manufacturer claims that they have the only technology which is capable of purifying the water from contamination by as much as 99 percent which includes more than a thousand contaminants. The filters used are of top quality which are good enough to treat all types of water flow sources such as tap and well water. The filtration system offered here has 5 stages which is reasonable enough to give a good level of water purification. The filters used are known for their durability and they will last for a long time. The customers are advised to change them just once in every year. The WQA certification of the RO system also means that it will give you a totally trouble free and a noise free performance. You will also benefit with the lead free faucet which comes along the system. You will have it with a year of satisfaction warranty and also lifetime warranty is offered over its free technical support by the WQA water specialists.

The Good:

It is the most economical US made RO model. 99 percent of impurities are removed, including fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, lead and many more. The package including a high quality faucet of lead-free type. The installation is a DIY thing. You will get a yearlong satisfaction warranty.

The bad:

It is not suitable for under sink storage due to its size. Cleaning the filters from carbon takes a lot of time and wastage of water. Takes a good amount of time in filling the gallon. Water leakage issues are also there. It doesn’t filter out chloramines.

5. iSpring RCC7AK  6-stage RO water filter system

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It is an economical product where most of the people call it a cheap system but actually it is a well engineered product. It uses cost effective but good technology which has earned it a lot of customers. The WET parts are used that comes with NSF certification which guarantees quality and high standard of the purified water. The system ideally purifies the water and added the required mineral for taste up-gradation with no traces of bad odor. It has 6-level filtration system where the purified water is obtained at a very rapid rate. The system can come up with 75 GPD which is rated amongst the top production systems. It is all thanks to the large membrane size of the product which enable it come up with this capacity. 99 percent is its success rate in killing all the contamination in the water.

The Good:

The 6-stage filtering system and the 75 GPD are the best features of the product. The price is affordable with extreme level of purity. Good taste with no odor is guaranteed for the user.

The Bad:

It is a limited system that could give you 10 gallons in a day. Installation of this average engineered model is not so easy to do and requires you the expert services of a professional plumber.

6. APEC ROES PH75 drinking water system

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The APEC Water Systems manufacturer here will present users with the excellent experience of drinking the purest water ever. The supplementary addition of the calcium minerals through the system gives enhanced alkalinity and the top water taste as well. There wouldn’t be any notable unpleasant odor coming out of the filtered water which is the case with many substandard products. The cartridge used is US made that deploys the food grade calcium coming all the way from the trusted sources for proven, enhanced and safe water pH levels. The filters are of premium quality ensuring longevity and to treat the well and top water in the best possible manner for purification. This system offers 75 Gallons per Day with water 99 percent free from all sorts of contaminants. There are 6 different filtration stages including both the pre and post filters where each level do a tremendous job in taking water one level up towards its pure form. The installation unlike many other similar RO systems is quite easy and flexible. The warranty and outstanding technical customer support is also offered to make sure that the customer have a good time in using this system.

The good:

The minerals are added to enhance the taste and for improved alkalinity. The filters are long lasting dealing with any kind of water. The 6-stage filtering gives 75GPD which is a good amount. 99 percent of bacteria and other hazardous chemicals are removed. The water taste is exceptionally good.

The bad:

The purification level is much lower as stated. No pH alkaline is added. The housing caps are substandard. Water leakage is found to be there. Installation requires a professional plumber.

Best Reverse Osmosis System Reviews Conclusion

Water is important, but even more important is safe, clean and healthy water with as many contaminents removed as possible.