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A water filter can help you reach optimum health. Drinking impure and contaminated water is known to affect your health and can even be a cause of death. Bottled distilled water, on the other hand, can be quite expensive in the long run. Having your own water filter can help reduce the cost of drinking water by as much as 8 times.

Also, you just can’t trust tap water. Though there are government agencies in charge of keeping the quality of water, there are instances when it can also be harmful to your health.

Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Lead From Our Drinking Water?June 20, 2019 10:44 am

Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Lead From Our Drinking Water?

Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Lead From Our Drinking Water?

When you are really thirsty and get back home from work, all you can think of is a cool glass of tap water. But did you know that the water you are drinking may not be safe? According to USA Today, testing of 2000 water systems spanning 50 states shows that there’s too much lead contamination that can cause several health hazards. Today, we take a closer look at one of the most effective methods of lead removal from drinking water through a process called reverse osmosis and answer queries on does reverse osmosis remove lead tone.

How Does Lead Enter Drinking Water?

Lead contamination is common especially in areas where the infrastructure of water pipes are old and in need of urgent repair. When these pipes begin to corrode, lead enters the drinking water that is supplied to your homes, schools and health care centers. Lead can pose a serious health threat especially to pregnant women, infants and children causing issues like attention disorders, development hazards, reduced IQ and behavioral problems. We use water to rinse glasses, mugs and even baby bottles.




How To Remove Lead From Drinking Water

What then is the solution? Lead removal of course. There are three methods to remove lead from drinking water:
• Distillation
• Carbon filtration
• Reverse Osmosis
Distillation requires energy from a heat source and it a time taking process, and therefore may not be an optimal solution. As for carbon filtration, while some block filters do remove lead, its lead removing ability gets exhausted in a short while, thus exposing your drinking water to risk yet again. Evidence shows that a carbon filter that claims to filter 10,000 gallons of water and make it lead free is only effective for 2000-3000 gallons only.
Reverse osmosis is therefore considered the most effective method of removing lead from drinking water. Here’s how it works. An RO unit, depending upon its make contains two or three activated carbon filters that effectively removes all organic chemicals. Once an RO unit is switched on, it pushes up the water (that is already passed through the carbon filters) through a thin cellophane like membrane that holds back all other impurities that the water source may contain.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

The reverse osmosis is effective because this membrane operates down to a tiny pore size of 0.0001 microns. To state a comparison, it is about one thousandth of the size of a very tight carbon block filter. This reverse osmosis membrane, therefore, rejects all contaminants of water such as lead, sodium, asbestos, arsenic and other radionuclides effectively that carbon filtration alone is not equipped to remove on its own.
Further, the reverse osmosis membrane along with the activated carbon filters is effective in the removal of chloramines, which is the modern alternative of chlorine.

The Bottom Line

Thus the answer to the question does reverse osmosis remove lead tone from drinking water is a resounding yes. Not only does this technology remove lead effectively, but it also provides a full range of treatment for drinking water that is rendered safe for consumption as well.

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